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William Shatner as Denny Crane Denny Crane (played by William Shatner) is
the egotistical founding partner of Crane, Poole & Schmidt, a huge law firm with offices all round the world, he is a man who smokes cigars and drinks expensive scotch, all the while bragging about his spotless trial record and shamelessly hitting on any attractive woman he meets. He has won over 6000 cases and never lost. In Boston he is notorious and he often refers to the city as his city. He also often "knows everybody" from a certain branch of the government, his contacts going as high as Dick Cheney and perhaps even Bush. His name is so legendary that, according to himself, he sometimes meets a new person who is so awe-stricken to be in the same room, that he needs to say his name, simply to confirm to the new person that it is true. He is pro-life and a strong believer in the death penalty.

Denny is a hard-line Republican, yet his closest friend at the firm is Alan Shore, who often defends liberal causes. The two share an intimate friendship which culminates, in most episodes, with an evening meeting on Denny's office balcony to smoke, drink, and discuss the events of the day.

Denny has several guns and rifles hidden in his office and often carrying a gun with him even to court. He once shoots a court appointed client after trying to take him self off the case. He states he would rather go to prison than lose one minute defending a man who has raped and killed a child. A homeless person once throws a rock at the back of his head after which Denny shoots him with a paintball gun. When a robber tries to get his watch and wallet he distracts him as he shoots him in one knee and both feet. After being provoked and in self defense he shoots his own therapist. Later at the trial, when the therapist testifies and pulls out the gun again so does Denny and he shoots him again. The judge believes Denny saved his life so he let's him go free of any charges. He also saves the life of his best friend when he is at the point of being killed with the police too far away to help, again by shooting the would-be killer.

Denny has been married six times, and is on the lookout for "number seven", whom he finds just before the end of his public appearances. He once had a relationship with fellow named partner Shirley Schmidt, although they were not married; Denny still holds a torch for her. He has dated, on and off, a dwarf,as well as her mother. His wives are known to usually be greedy for power and money and usually try to influence Denny to the point it gets risky to the firm. He cheated on his sixth wife three hours after the ceremony in the coatroom with a waitress. He had an affair with the wife of one of the biggest clients and on at least one occasion threatened the judge to sleep with his wife. He once had a one night stand with a woman who later told him she was raising his son Donny Crane. She later confessed that she lied, looking for the deepest pocket. He however kept providing money for Donny although he does not see him for 12 years. When they go head to head (Donny also being a lawyer) we can see Donny is trying to live up to Denny's legacy so much he even keeps repeating his own name so that he would channel his father. When he finds out the truth he asks to keep the name.

Denny has occasional lapses in memory (and judgment), and has been diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment. He first met his closest friend during a time when he still tried quite a few cases and fellow attorneys said his confused behavior simply washes away in court. This later gets worse so Alan convinces him of taking a test. Doctors tell him he has a precursor to Alzheimer's, which Denny prefers to refer to as "Mad Cow Disease" since they have similar symptoms. According to the doctor he most likely will not live long enough to get full blown Alzheimer's since he smokes, drinks and is already 75 years old. To decelerate the impairment he solves crossword puzzles and sometimes speaks french. He also on occasion does something insane on purpose to throw people of track. He says people don't know if he knows what his plan is most of the time, admitting a lot of the time neither does he.

His closest friend Alan believes that even as the disease progresses so far that Denny will not be able to practice law, he will still enjoy his favorite hobby - fishing. Denny has asked Alan to euthanize him when he is too far gone, claiming he wants to be shot in the head so he can die a legend and later says he wants his ashes scattered of the office balcony, where he and Alan take five minutes of each day to drink scotch, smoke cigars and talk, because it is a very special place.

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