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Played by Meredith Eaton-Gilden

Bethany "The Badger" HorowitzAttorney Bethany Horowitz met Denny Crane through the internet during the episode 3x02 [New Kids on the Block], both making a connection and finally agreeing to meet in person. Denny's reaction to Bethany's short stature was less than polite and the date was cut short.

As Denny mused on the situation, he confessed to Alan Shore: "I’ve always thought of myself as a tolerant man. And with midgets… truth is. I like them. They’re sexy."

Bethany brought a lawsuit against Denny for humiliating her in a room of her colleagues. Despite Denny's growing interest in her, he stood his ground:

Bethany Horowitz: "You think you’re just gonna make me go away?"
Denny Crane: "You want a war? You got a war!"
Bethany Horowitz: "You fat old man."
Denny Crane: "Let the games begin, Small Fry."

In 3x03 [Desperately Seeking Shirley], during a meeting to talk about the suit, Denny's representative Claire Simms, suggested Bethany misrepresented her physical self to Denny before they met, to which Bethany replied, "Look at him, did I get Mel Gibson? Maybe I did."

Things warmed up a bit in 3x04 [Fine Young Cannibal] as Denny agreed that he and Brad Chase would assist Bethany in her case against an HMO, which was settled to the immense pleasure (and fainting) of "The Badger", Bethany's nickname.

In 3x05 [Whose God Is It Anyway], Paul walked in to Denny's office and found him wearing a robe and acting suspiciously. Denny tried to evade the situation by saying he just had a massage, but Paul could easily see that Bethany was hiding underneath Denny's robe, wearing similar garb. Later, Denny admitted to Alan that he has feelings for her and has asked her out.

Bethany made only a brief appearance in 3x06 [The Verdict], but in 3x07 [Trick Or Treat], she introduced Denny to her mother, Bella Horowitz. Denny and Bella instantly realized they already know each other, and - worse - Bella revealed that Bethany could be his daughter. Even though paternity tests proved that this was not the case, Bethany dumped Denny anyway, because he had been with her mother.

In 3x10 [The Nutcrackers], Bethany showed up at the Crane, Poole & Schmidt Christmas party, gift in hand, apparently hoping to mend things with Denny. However, she spotted Denny dancing with Bella, and left without saying hello.

The "Look Down" Joke
In a running joke that occurred in many of her appearances, Bethany would overhear Denny saying something inappropriate about her without realizing that she was standing right in front of him. He only learned of her presence when his conversational partner (typically Alan Shore) suggested that he "look down".

Bethany's Cases
  1. Bethany Horowitz sues Denny
  2. Bethany Sues an HMO for Outsourcing

Meredith Eaton-Gilden
Meredith Eaton-GildenMeredith Eaton-Gilden is best known for her recurring role as 'Emily Resnick' on the series Family Law (1999). She has also appeared on episodes of NYPD Blue, Dharma & Greg, and CSI. She has a Masters' Degree in clinical psychiatry. Her role in the 2002 film Unconditional Love was noticed by David E. Kelley, who wrote the role of Bethany just for her. Meredith's late husband Michael Gilden was also a character actor appearing in many television shows including NCIS.

Meredith Eaton at the Internet Movie Database
Meredith Eaton at Wikipedia

Episode appearances:
3x02 [New Kids On The Block]
3x03 [Desperately Seeking Shirley]
3x04 [Fine Young Cannibal]
3x05 [Whose God Is It Anyway?]
3x06 [The Verdict]
3x07 [Trick Or Treat]
3x08 [Lincoln]
3x10 [The Nutcrackers]
3x12 [Nuts]
3x13 [Dumping Bella]
3x14 [Selling Sickness]
3x15 [Fat Burner]

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Sue_B Very sad news 3 Mar 8 2007, 8:25 PM EST by Anonymous
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I was very saddened to see an article yesterday with the news of the death of Meredith Eaton-Gilden's husband, Michael Gilden, last week. He was also an actor, having appeared most-recently on NCIS. My thoughts go out to Meredith and all of Michael's friends and family. He was just 44 years old.

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The addition of Bethany Horowitz to the show has been the BEST thing this season. I hope she is seen in more episodes because her acting is just phenom. and she is gorgeous.
How clever and original of DEK to cast such a talented and spicy actress! I love her chemistry with Denny, but I could see her branching out to other characters, in fact, I loved the sexual tension between her and Brad!

More Bethany! PLEASE!
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Anonymous Long Time Fan 3 Jan 31 2007, 7:19 AM EST by Anonymous
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Meredith is a very talented actress. I have admired her work since she was on Family Law where she played a lawyer named Emily.
I HOPE to see her on many more episodes of Boston Legal. She is a wonderful cast addition and a fine actress.
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